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Advantage Tonneau Covers: Torza Top Covers

Advantage makes two separate models of tonneau covers:
The Torza Top and the Hard Hat.

The Torzatop tonneau covers are soft folding covers and they claim it installs in less than a minute.

A photo of the Torza Top tonneau cover

Torza Top offers two separate models of tonneau covers for your truck bed. They offer both the Torza Top original and the Torza Top Premier. Both are 'soft folding covers' and are patented by Advantage. Both models require no drilling, and install in less than a minute, according to claims made elsewhere on the Internet. 

Features of the Torza Top Tonneau Cover

  • Tri Folding Tonneau Cover:   If you need to have access to your truck bed in order to haul larger/taller items, the Torza folds into 3 sections in order to accommodate the load.
  • No DRILL No Tools needed installation:  4 simple hand attached clamps allow the cover to be fitted quite quickly onto your truck bed...no tools needed.
  • Each model is unique: Your truck is different than other truck makes/models, so each Torza cover is made specifically for your make and model truck bed.
  • Warranty:  Torza claims a 7 year warranty on the fabric and a limited lifetime warranty on the frame included with the cover.


Torza Top Installation

Torza Top covers come completely assembled. There is no need for any drilling or tools. Simply follow the installation instructions and your cover should be on your truck bed in just a couple of moments after you unpack it.

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